Discover Saint-Brieuc Bay

Diversity of Saint-Brieuc Bay

Saint-Brieuc Bay has a vast range of diversity as a nature site. Dunes, prairies, and sharp cliff edges offer breathtaking views. Throughout your stay, open your eyes and taken in everything that the Bay has to offer.

By bike, on foot or horseback, explore the many trails and open-air activities.

If you are passionate about nature sites, head off to the Chaos du Gouët, a famous trail due to its mystical nature. This is an incredible area in the heart of the country, with a river running through the heart of immense granite stones.

Saint-Brieuc and the sea

Did you know? Saint-Brieuc is the fifth largest bay in the world due to the height of its tides. As a couple, with the family or friends, share in some exciting experiences at the heart of protected natural landscapes. Through the seasons, head off to experience surprising landscapes and fall in love with breathtaking nature.

Chateaubriand Boat Cruises

Jump on board a boat cruise when you stay in Saint-Brieuc. Why not try the Chateaubriand Cruise, departing from the Rance Dam, between Dinard and Saint-Malo. Comfortably about the bridge with the wind in your face on the upper deck, let the waves cradle you as you hear anecdotes from the captain. Aboard the boat, you will be enchanted by the nature that the Rance serves up: its small ports, water mills, islets and rias. Many cruises are organised for all types of journey: boat trip, lunch cruise, escape game.

Port du Légué

Port du Légué is at the mouth of the river at Le Gouet. It used to be a major shipping port, but is now focused more on pleasure boating and trading.